Of Cabbages and Kings

Every now and then, my royal German blood* cries out for a head – of cabbage. Usually, I use it as sauerkraut, occasionally making my own. Sometimes, I like savory homemade slaw like my mother used to make.

Today I bought a cabbage. That’s right, one. Even though I’m making enough kraut for my sis in law as well. And she loves it more than I do.

How, you ask, how can I get away with one adorable little head of cabbage for two people who love kraut and its health benefits?

The store had cabbages titled “Kraut Cabbages,” and being the sucker I am decided that was exactly what I was looking for. They’re huge. I don’t mean, wow, that’s a big head of cabbage, I mean HUGE as in WOW, THAT’S A BIG HEAD OF CABBAGE!!!

It took three days to hack that puppy into pieces. It filled my #2 crock and 6 half quart jars.

It might not survive as I didn’t get the stuff in the jars weighted down.

I don’t know why I had to tell you all this. Maybe I just wanted someone to know, in case I donn’t survive dispatching the processing of the brassica behemoth


*While I have some German blood, I have no proof of royalty.

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