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Happy Fountain Pen Day!

My first experiences with fountain pens were in my youth… in the Peanuts comic strip, if you must know. 😀 Charlie Brown’s splotches of ink on his homework.

While I’m very glad that ball point pens and roller ball action came along, I, like many of you, appreciate the anachronistic. (Remind me some day to tell you about how I learned that word.)

For years, I “endured” other writer friends talk about their Lamys and their Esterbrooks as the threw out names I didn’t want to know. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because I could not afford another new hobby.

I tried. I really did, to find cheap options. There are many reasons “cheap options” are so cheap.

I had a clear one. It’s a Pilot Penmanship. A cartridge end got stuck. I have no idea how I managed that. When the cartridge dried up or leaked out (I’m sure I didn’t use it up. That would have required a significant amount of writing by hand, and that is not something I do regularly.), I left the pen sitting. I couldn’t put another cartridge in. Remember the end of the first one was stuck in there, broken.

That pen did create within me a love with clear pens though. And somewhere along the way, I found out I could fill the barrel with ink (eyedropper conversion), so it is getting used. (It’s an extra fine nib which I love.)

Now, however, I have truly succumbed.

I own a good fountain pen. It’s a lovely matte red, cylindrical metal thing with with a magnetic cap. It’s stunning and sleek. The Monteverde Ritma.

If you’re curious about fountain pens, there are a number of very inexpensive but quite decent options. Pilot has always been one of my favorite names in pens. The Frixion pen line has been my mainstay since I was first introduced to them in 2007. But they don’t make Frixion fountain pen ink sadly. They do have a nice variety of inexpensive fountain pens though. Check out the Pilot Preppy.

Looking for a nice, time-consuming diversion to your day? Check out The Fountain Pen Day page to see a huge number of fountain pen and ink retailers and enthusiasts.

Truphae Inc. has some subscription box options. That’s where I got my Ritma. They just started a new subscription option which is only about ink samples: The Pen Palette. Each month, they send a themed selection of ink samples. The first box will include a glass dip pen with which to test out the inks. Truphae Inc is a small company in South Carolina, USA. Their Customer Service is great. While he can’t always get back to you right away, Chris is friendly and courteous.

EDIT: I forgot! I also have some Pilot Varsity pens. They’re fountain pens that are technically disposable. Wonderful starter pens to see if you like writing with them. Also great for work because you’re not out much money of you forget to cap it and drop it on the floor. Or if someone swipes it from your desk.

ANOTHER EDIT: I swear, sometimes I am too easily distracted.

Anyway, Hope you had a Happy Fountain Pen Day. Do you use a fountain pen? Have you ever? What was your experience?

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