Pregnant in Paradise is now available on Kindle Vella

Pregnant in Paradise has been one of my favorite and least favorite books to write. The intense feelings it brings up for me are a constant surprise. Normally when I write a story, the characters might surprise me, but Lori and Frank bring out all the feels from Awww moments to wanting to pull my hair out. LOL

And now it’s going out into the world episode by episode.

From the Pregnant in Paradise Vella page

Frank went on vacation to enjoy an island fling and found the woman he’d been waiting for.

Lori was on the rebound, reveling in the attention of a fantasy-come-true.

When Lori discovers she brought back an unexpected souvenir, she decides “the right thing to do” is let Frank know. The last thing she expects is for his desire for a family to include her. After all, if her ex of three years didn’t want to spend his life with her, why would Frank?

Vella allows readers to buy tokens to use toward episodes, but the first three episodes of anything are free to check out.

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