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What I did on my Summer Vacation

I was going to title this post something like What I’ve been up to, but when I started writing the title, this sounded way more fun. So here it is. 😀 But I won’t be doing it Third Grade Style sadly. My inner editor would pass out. 😉

Some of you know that early last year, I was handed an opportunity I could not pass up. (Not as threatening as “an offer I couldn’t refuse.” 😉 😀 ) The local Harley Davidson dealership was running a deal on their Riding Academy. So… after most of my life wanting to, I learned to ride a motorcycle! 😀 And then an amazing deal on the perfect bike came through too. As I finished my class, hubby got the bug and after a whole lot of years not wanting to ride, he joined me.

I tend to ride anytime it’s even marginally nice. Last winter I was out on it as long as the roads were clear and the temp was above about 35ish or so. It required a lot of layers, but totally worth it. Quick trips the grocery store became common for me. 😀

This summer I didn’t get to ride as much, but I did other things.

As August transitioned into September, Hubby and I went to Yellowstone. If you haven’t been, it’s amazing. AC in my Durango’s comfortable ride was preferred over our bikes for that eightish hour trip to get there, so we drove. Once there, we met up with a couple of my writing friends. (Check out Janet Reid. and @JanetReidAuthor)

And now we’re transition into full on Fall. Leaves have changed here and there are still a few gorgeous, not too cold days. Perfect for a ride through the countryside.

As for writing, I’ve been doing a lot of that too, but new, upcoming books will have their own posts. Plus the couple of books I put out and didn’t create posts for. I have a lot of catching up to do on the site. I let it slide while I tried to find a layout I liked.

So that’s what I did this summer. Have you ever been to Yellowstone? Should I make a whole separate post about that, complete with pictures?

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