HI, I’m Julia, a Pacific Northwest author. I’m a happily married mom and grandma among other things. I love collecting hobbies and learning new skills.

In the past I’ve been a waitress/bus person, hotel housekeeper, pageant contestant, programmer, security guard, electronics technician, singer/actress, office clerk, cook, cashier, seamstress. All of that before I was 23. There may be more but I can’t think of them right now. After I was 23 I got married and became a mom to two incredible kids who put up with me and my weirdness. (Yes, I did pass a lot of it on to them.) 😀

Many of the photos on my site come from fantastic artists on Unsplash.com and DeathtotheStockPhoto.com. Check them out when you have a moment. They’ve got some amazing shots.

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