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Romance Titles

Not-a-Saint NickNick cover.jpg

Holly Hudson, an accountant who just wants to survive her company’s Christmas party, has a bah-humbug for any romantic fa-la-la-la-la.
Nick Santos, a freelance odd-job guy, has a life complicated by a young son and a Grinch of an ex.
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Julia Ward Tall Guy and Smart Mouth - Julia WardTall Guy and Smart Mouth

Megs doesn’t date from her building.
Tim is hoping to be the exception to the rule.
Both use humor to guard their hearts.
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Sunsets cover thmSunsets at Fiery Lake

A lifetime of chasing the next big rush and the next hot woman left Josh with a very checkered past. But that’s all behind him. He’s found good friends and a satisfying job as a computer security consultant for Rheinholdt Industries, maker of high-performance cars. Read More

Beach coverLife’s a Beach

Happily divorced Kathryn Warren is looking forward to her new life on the beach and can’t wait for her son to finish his court ordered summer with Dad. If only the sexy neighbor would stop trying to engage her, life would be as near to perfect as possible. Read More

Possible Full cover 2Roadster Romance

Growing up in a car-loving family, Ellie dreamed of building her own hot rod. When, at the end of a mysterious illness, her death was inevitable, her husband was determined to make her dream a reality. Read More

Other Titles

SFR JuliaWard Bauhaus chap heads - Julia WardSFR: A Sci-Fi Romance

Sometimes things have to get worse before they can ever be better.
And Mers’s unhappy life is about to get worse…Read More

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