Busy Family Time Recovery

Oh man. My husband has a pretty big family. We recently had one of the many summer family parties, and while a lot of fun, hubby and I are both introverts and these functions are brutal.

We had a great time joking and visiting and we can keep up with the family energy but by the time we’re done – whew – we are so burnt out.

The next day we had Daughter and her family over. She is extremely high energy. A ton of fun, but being a hypersensitive introvert, I get overwhelmed.busy weekend stressed

I have spent the last few days recovering from all of that sun and fun and family time. It takes a couple of days of being by myself reading, watching favorite TV shows, sitting in the tub. Anything I can do to shut out everything else. My hubby is one of about three people I can handle during the recovery time.

This weekend is another busy weekend and then next weekend too. :p At least these two weeks we’ll have Sunday to recover. 😀

What do you do to wind down and relax?

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