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Half-Fast Press Welcomes New Author: Caty Zorn!

Caty Zorn is a woman on a mission.

“It seems that in our hectic and chaotic lives it becomes easy to disconnect our hearts and souls from our bodies and our minds.” -Caty Zorn

Caty’s goal is to write books that help us think and feel both above and below the belt, so to speak, with stories of loving characters engaging in the rich facets of life. Her books contain characters that remind of us of ourselves, while giving a glimpse into our private and explicit natures.

“To be a whole person, we must find balance in all aspects of ourselves. If God didn’t mean for man to be alone, then He also didn’t mean for woman to be alone. And part of not being alone is sex in a loving and committed relationship.

“For me, that was difficult as I am on the autism spectrum. Emotions and sex can both be overstimulating, causing me to shut down and shut out. To be open to the joys and blessings of my marriage, I needed to find what worked for me.”

She explains that engaging her creative side helps her problem-solve in all aspects of life.

Caty’s hope is that even if she can save one soul and marriage, then she’s done what she feels she was called to.

“I hope these help you as much as they’ve helped me.”

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