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A Thought on Firsts

Pancakes_Unsplash_Alisa_Anton smlI’ve decided the first post of a blog (for me anyway) is like the first pancake or the first date or the first kiss. It’s never quite what you’re imagining.

The first pancake might be thinner than you thought, maybe even pale. The first date involves avoiding activities and topics of conversation that make you look anything but the vibrant and lovable person you are. The first kiss, you bumped noses or maybe got one unruly mustache hair up your nose making your eyes water.

– All awkward fails in their own varying ways

The first blog post? You go to it thinking it’ll be perfect, pithy. You are, of course, brilliant, witty, intelligent. Then you start. There’s no real goal or theme. You just do it to get it over with so you can get to the good ones.Then you read it and roll your eyes but you leave it because you do NOT want to do it again.

– Another awkward fail.

The beautiful thing is that there’s space for another. Whew.

The second pancake, you’ve got the temperature dialed in so you can get the color and crispness just right. The second date, you’ll be a little more comfortable being yourselves. The second kiss,  you know where things are, you’re almost able to do it safely with eyes closed this time

And your blog? Like the second pancake, you’ll get the placement and color just right. LIke the second date, you’ll be more like yourself; that witty, pithy, lovable person you are. Like the second kiss, you’ll get your timing and angle right.

Thank God for seconds.

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