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OUT NOW: Tall Guy And Smart Mouth

Tall Guy and Smart Mouth is now out in stores (see below for links).


Megs doesn’t date from her building.
Tim is hoping to be the exception to the rule.
Both use humor to guard their hearts.
When Megs literally runs into her very tall neighbor in their apartment building lobby, there’s immediate chemistry. But Megs has a rule in place to protect both herself and any aspiring suitor: she does not date from her building.
Tim finds that smart mouth he encountered on the stairs won’t stay off his mind. And he’s determined to run into her as often as possible: even if it means staking out the mailboxes.
He’s pushy.
She’s snarky.
Both are unexpectedly thoughtful.
Is it a match made in heaven?
Only time will tell—provided his doesn’t run out.



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